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Payment & Fees


Our centre’s operation is dependent on maintaining fees. Please read the following information carefully.
Your Payment of Fees Policy.


Fees must be paid for two weeks in advance. Parents pay for a place, therefore, once it is booked, payment is
required whether your child attends or not. Fees are payable on public holidays. Casual care must be paid for at the
beginning of the day or session. Casual care clients cannot be guaranteed a place.


The Director/Manager will provide a statement of fees due each week. You are asked to pay your fees promptly to
ensure the viability of the service. Please put your fees in bank transfers to direct debit or EFTPOS is also available. 


Details of individual families’ accounts and all completed forms are confidential and may only be accessed by the family concerned and those centre staff who are authorized by the Director to access the information.

Anyone experiencing difficulties in meeting their fees payments can speak to the manager who can make mutually
agreeable repayment arrangements. If your fees are more than three weeks overdue and you have not made
arrangements to pay, or have not kept to the arrangements made, your child’s place will be cancelled.

Because we plan staffing rosters two weeks in advance, based on bookings, we ask all parents to comply with our
withdrawal policy. If you wish to withdraw your child from the centre you are asked to provide two weeks written notice or pay the fees due in lieu of this notice.


Please inform the Director in writing if your child is going to be away for longer than one week. Any child not attending the Centre for one week without notifying the Coordinator of the reason, shall be regarded as having withdrawn and the place will be cancelled.


Parents should notify the Centre if their child will not be attending during their booked time, as soon as this is known or at the very latest by 10 a.m. on the morning of attendance.


The friendly staff at your Education and Care Service will be happy to talk you through how government funded financial assistance may affect the fees you pay at the service. More information regarding government assistance can be found below.

To assist with child care costs, the Australian Government offers a various types of financial assistance, including:


  • Child Care Rebate

  • Child Care Benefit

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