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Settling Your Child

  • Strategies the centre encourages to help children and parents through the settling in period.

  • Information for parents on leaving their child at the centre.

  • Policy on parents telephoning the centre for information about their child.

Children all react differently to being away from their parents and we encourage you to remain with your child for as long as you feel is necessary to ensure your child’s well being. We use a variety of strategies to help your child settle into our centre. We recommend that you bring your child for a visit of at least an hour, prior to beginning care at the centre.


This will help to introduce yourself and your child to the staff and other children and familiarize the child with the playroom. Other visits can be arranged if needed. There is no charge to the parent for these visits as the child is still in your care.


A comfort toy or item belonging to you to look after is a good settling technique. It is important to say goodbye to your child when you are leaving, even if your child becomes upset, to establish trust that you will not disappear and to reassure him/her of your return. Alert the staff of your intention to leave, so they can distract your child.

If you are worried, please feel free to telephone the centre during the day for reassurance that your child has settled. The staff will always tell you honestly how your child is. Be aware that some children settle quickly and others take longer or may be distressed by group care. Our staff will assess your child’s emotional needs and discuss this with you. Regular attendance also helps a child to settle.

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