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Parent Participation

Parents are our biggest support. Their encouragement and aid, in whatever way, such as coming to a parent night, collecting bits and pieces for collage and art activities, help with fund raising and at busy bees, is of invaluable assistance. Being a Parent Committee Member to help us with our valuable Policy updates and feeding all the parent concerns or queries back to us.


You are encouraged to become involved with the program of the centre and your ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. We are always happy to have people come into the centre with interesting things to show, sing, teach and make with the children, especially activities of a multicultural nature.


You can be involved by explaining your child’s temperament, stages of development and likes and dislikes to the caregivers. Even though a parent’s life is very busy, we would appreciate a few minutes every morning and evening as you bring and collect your child to talk about how he/she is progressing. Tell the caregivers the little things they need to
know e.g. changes in sleeping patterns, any development you observe, the cold your child appears to be contracting or how an activity was enjoyed.


To give the children the best opportunity for development, child care staff and parents work hand-in-hand. We want children to gain the best that is possible from our centre, so please do keep in touch and discuss your joy, problems, concerns and feelings with the staff. A suggestion box is also located in the foyer.

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